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International Exhibition for Industrial Coating Technology in Eurasia PaintExpo Eurasia – a brand that has proven itself throughout the world – will be held for the 5th time at the Eurasian region on 07.-09. November, 2019 at Istanbul Expo Center, Turkey

    • Coating Job-shops
    • Automotive Industry and Suppliers
    • Commercial Vehicles, Railway, Ship and Shipyards
    • Aviation and Aerospace
    • Machinery Manufacturing
    • Metal and Metal Sheet Processing
    • Plastics Processing
    • White Goods and Household Appliances
    • Furniture (Wood and Metal)
    • Sports and Leisure Products
    • Metal and Glass Facade Construction
    • Window Manufacturing
    • Electronics Industry
    • Heating and Cooling Industry
    • Packaging Industry
    • Radiator Manufacturers
    • Bridges, Pipelines and Power Supply Lines
    • Many Others

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